Thursday, 19 June 2014


The big lad announced earlier this week that on Thursday he'd be watching the football and that there would be no birds allowed, apparently we talk to much over the football! Well, I'm quietly blogging in the corner and watching the football out of the corner of my eye! The cats have been put outside after England's last performance I don't think Mary and Phil's nerves could take any more of the screams!
My favourite house up the street has a skip outside it again! A couple of years ago they had a skip and I went for a little dive ever since I've had my eye out in case they decide to have another clear out and this week a skip appeared outside. Just passing I spied a couple of bits and went back later with Bob, who is out of hospital YEAH! for a hoke. We left with a bird table for my garden and a vintage mirror unit for Bobs dressing table, I'll maybe go back tomorrow see if anything new has been added! Got to love skip diving!!

Bob's new skip dived mirror!

My lovely wee bird Betty
 I love the bird print on this skirt, a birthday present from my sister last year.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Enjoy the football! xxxx

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  1. How funny! I haven't watched any of the football this year, too stressful!


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