Sunday, 1 September 2013

Day Tripping Seaforde Gardens

We rounded off our 2 week holiday with a little day trip to Seafordes Garden
Met in the carpark by this guy, follow me

come on, there are beautiful gardens and a maze

the big lad lurking in the bushes

No trip down that direction is complete without a nip to Nik Naks, so we headed round only to discover it's closed down!!! NOOOOO! But as luck would have it the guys were there clearing up and said we could go in for a look. There was still plenty of stuff, that avocado green bathroom suite never did sell! We had a good hoke, reminisced about the good old days of Nik Naks and all the cool stuff we've found there....We left with a new chair for the living room and two records. Phil has claimed it as his come scratching post.

My friend Kat  has given me a camera! So I'm going on a little photography field trip today, and when I get a doofer (not sure of the technical name) for transfering the photos on to the computer I'll share my attempts  Thank You SO much Kat xx 

Hope you're all having a good weekend x

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  1. Gorgeous pics- Peacocks are the most majestic creatures :)


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