Monday, 26 August 2013

Crochet Flower Fun

Hello Lovelies,
Here's a little project I finished just before going on holidays. My mum is a great crocheter, she tried to teach me and I DO want to learn, but I'm all fingers and thumps and have little patience so I just ended up getting flustered and gave up!....Anyhoo, she's a whizz when it comes to crochet, I asked her if she wouldn't mind making a few flowers for a headband I was hoping to make for my friend, next thing I know she's whipped me up a bag full, enough flowers to make a headband and a little something else....

 My first idea was to make a little waistcoat, I chopped up a vest and was going to sew the flowers on, but once I started it wasn't really going how I'd planned so scrap that and start again, this time I tried making a crochet flower collar...

If you'd like to learn how to crochet a flower and you have more patience than me, here's a great little video to show you how....

Thanks mum for making all the flowers! xxx

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hey Linda!
    Those flowers are adorable! Love the collar and the sweater...what a great Mum you have and I'm sure you will learn to crochet. I have crocheted in years...I used to make afghans and hats...but I burnt out one Xmas making hats for all my nieces and nephews...crazy!

  2. Hi Crystal! Thank you! I'll tell my mum, she'll be all biz How are you?

  3. I'm good Linda, life has been very hectic and not always in a good way...but oh well, life does go on and for that I am grateful! You?


Thanks for all your comments : )