Sunday, 29 September 2013

Beach and Boot Sale

Today was the perfect day for a drive to Dundrum for a mooch around the boot sale then to Tyrella for a walk along the beach. Sunny enough to feel warm, windy enough to blow the cobwebs away. The beach was pretty deserted apart from a few wind surfers making the most of the gorgeous day. On Friday I had all my hair cut off, so it's back to being super short, I'd forgotten that wind and short hair do not make for a good look, I must invest in some super strength hairspray for the coming windy months....Anyhow, the boot sale at Dundrum was packed, giddy from the smell of Dinky donuts and exhilarated by the sea air we set off to find treasure! The big lad bought three records for 2 pounds and I bought some dollies, a babycham glass and an Enid Blyton book for my friend to add to her collection, all delighted....

Have you found anything good at a boot sale recently?

 I'm off to make a pot of soup and to finish a picture that has been needed to be finished for a looooonnng time!
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend xx


  1. I've been on Irish beaches and it sure can blow!!! LOL

    And thank you for the cute birdies.. they will be featuring in my next post!

    Love the hair (that I see in a pic on the right!) and the scores ... Can't go wrong with doilies baby cham and Enid!

  2. I LOVE YOU! My collection is coming on so well. I owe you big time.

  3. Great photos, love the babycham glass! I just bought two crystal glasses £2 each, not in a boot sale but in a charity shop - I will blog them for you to see.


Thanks for all your comments : )