Sunday, 8 September 2013

Big Up the NI Bloggers!

It's always fun to discover more blogs from Northern Ireland, and after Snoopy's Granny commented on my new camera post I've another NI blogger to add to my list.....
Here are links to a few NI bloggers, and if YOU are reading this and are from Northern Ireland or know of any NI bloggers do leave me a wee comment!

A journey to a Dream 
French for Cupcake 
Words From Birds 
Kat Mervyn Photography 
Snoopy's Granny 
The Magpie Girl 
Mel Wiggins 
Colour and Cloth
Kathryn Boyle Illustration 
The World of Kitsch 
Welcome to Willow Lane 

 Enjoy! Have a super Sunday every one xx


  1. Thanks for the mention, I forget how I came across your blog now but I think it was through the sewing that you do.
    There seems to be a shortage of NI bloggers!

  2. Hi! I just did a google search for NI bloggers and came across your very apt post! Thanks for the list - I shall be exploring. Plus hello from another NI blogger :)

    Oh, and I know of another NI bloggger (in the sewing world) who blogs at:
    She makes some really loved stuff

  3. Hello Suzie! nice to hear from another NI blogger!


Thanks for all your comments : )