Sunday, 22 September 2013

The day the country came to town

Bout ye?
Country comes to town is an annual event in my home town that until yesterday I had never actually been to! The streets of Portadown are closed off to make way for vintage cars, tractors, stalls, food, live animals, crafts and country music. I took a wee jaunt down with my sisters, the craic was ninety and to make things even better we came home with a lock of stuff from the charity shops (of which there are many!)

Wee Tom
 Big thumbs up Portadown, Country comes to town 2013 was tremendous! Thon was a powerful day out! You can take the gerl out of Portadown but you can't take the Portadown out of the gerl

Hope you're all having a great weekend xx

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  1. Linda,
    Looks like you all had a really great time! such a cute town and lots of great goings on...that looks like an event I would have enjoyed (and one that was enjoyed by many)!


Thanks for all your comments : )