Sunday, 19 May 2013

Where's me jumper? Thrifty Fashion

Flicking through issue 27 of Mollie Makes, page 51 the article UPCYCLED WITH LOVE catches my eye. Goings on at the ReThink, ReMake, ReLove workshops at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, in the photo in the article, the girls are showing off there revamped jumpers made into skirts! I love this idea! So it got me thinking and off I went for a rummage in my wardrobe......My new years resolution for 2013 was to cut down on my clothes buying, and only buy secondhand or vintage, so a bit of wardrobe revamping is the perfect way of finding something new to wear and spending zero pennies.

How many ways I could wear one jumper? NO sewing required!I aimed for 10 different looks, but ended with 13!  Here's what I came up with, not sure all of these would be wearable? See what you think! I troubled my sister Kathryn to take the photos, thanks BOB!
Look number 1, the jumper, a V neck jumper with long sleeves will work best

Look Number 2, sweet heart neck line

Look 3 halter neck, for days when it's suddenly sunny and you've left the house in your winter gear (this happens A LOT in Northern Ireland) Nip into the nearest bush for a quick change

Look 4 Vest top with kriss kross back

Look 5 one shoulder, with bow detail

Look 6 Simple skirt, bow at the back

Check out my.....roots, they really need done!

Look 7 Dungaree stylee, maternity dress maybe? or kangaroo style pouch for bits and bobs?

Look 8 ERM...... Baggy pants long Johns, was maybe running out of ideas at this point and not exactly sure if this is a wearable look? Maybe with a pair of heels?

Look 9 The Jodie Marsh, (I'm not brave enough, plus my Da reads this blog, and nobody wants to see that) but you get the picture

Look 10 The Snood (I'm doing my Golum impression)

Look 11 The Hankercheif top

Look 12 The Bolero

And Last but not least.....Look 13 The 1980's off the shoulder upside down jumper

And there you have it.......WHO KNEW? that one little jumper could have so much fashion impact!

If you have any other ideas please share!

Have a great week everyone xx


  1. Amazing!!! Every look is a complete winner!! I am going to retire now....head down, walks into the corner!

  2. Class post.! You look great in all of them.

  3. Wow, what a great imagination you have. I love number 2. I must confess to having done number 8 quite a lot on the sofa in winter! :)

  4. Fantastic, you rock all of them! I saw that course advertised ages ago, wish I'd gone now! x

    1. Hi Vix, we are announcing a new set of workshops soon x

  5. Absolutely fantastic post and tips!!!

  6. Thank you for mentioning us in your post, you had lots of ideas for the jumper they look fab!


Thanks for all your comments : )