Friday, 10 May 2013

Buen Aseo (nice toilet)

Yeah it's Friday!
I was off on Monday and after cheering on the marathon runners I went home to do a quick loo makeover. Here's how are loo looked BEFORE. I took everything out, bleached from top to bottom and started again. My kitsch make over was inspired by four senoritas I bought from a charity shop in Moira on Saturday, I remember my granny had the most amazing spanish dancer doll, she lived on top of the wardrobe, her flamboyant ruffly peach dress so I've always loved them. I gathered up all my spanish pictures, made a new window dressing and loo roll holder from Flo's fabric and Bob es tu tío. Hope you enjoy having a snoop round our loo!

Perdita "Dita"
Dolores "Lola"

Pretty thrifted tin for ladies things

And a quick revamp in the shower room, Flo's tablecloth used as a window dressing
I LOVE this pattern
What changes have you made this week?
Have a great weekend everyone x


  1. it looks so great! i've never seen dolls like that, i love them!

  2. My Gran had those dolls too - I loved them. And I like your loo too - especially love that large print of the senorita. It's smashing!

  3. The Spanish dancers are so much fun! And I love love love your blog title. Especially right now when the entire contents of my kitchen are on the dining room table because I'm painting in there! Homewrecker seems an apt description for us crafty DIYers!

  4. Hi Linda, I love your flamenco girls, table cloth curtains, loo roll holder etc etc. I reckon I'm gonna love your blog too, I'll be back to check it out properly and will follow along too. Btw, you reallly should join in our linky, we'd love to have you, and these pics of your home are fab!

  5. ole!! that is one seriously flash loo! x


Thanks for all your comments : )