Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Little Donkey

We had a rummage in our roof space last week and found this guy.....
He belonged to the previous owner, he'd been up there a long time. He was pretty dusty but I hovered him down gave him a wash and a spray of fabreeze and gave him a new lease of life. This little donkey brings back lots of happy memories, my parents brought one just like him home from their holidays in Spain in the sixties and my sisters and I used to play with on it.
Here's my sister Christine on the donkey circa 1978 (?)

And sister Pauline

And here I am, circa 1983 age three, obviously recreating the navity scene, my sisters must have dressed me up
Dear knows what else is up there, have you found anything fun in your roof space?
Hope you'e all having a great week xx


  1. I think I was about 5 so 1979 probably. We just loved dressing you up! Whatever happened to our little donkey!

  2. Little donkey! Great pics of you and your siblings. How weird that you used to own one when you were little and found this guy in your roof. Seems you were meant to go on that roof rummage.

  3. Loving the discovery in your loft space. And how weird that it was a donkey just like the one from your childhood, destiny! I am loving the old photos too, love the nostalgic glow to old photographs, you don't get that fuzziness anymore x


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