Saturday, 4 May 2013

Rehoming the cats

No we're not getting rid of Mary and Phil......
While out and about today I spied a handy wooden hanging shelf thing, the perfect size for probably the only wall in the house that isn't covered in some thing or other. So the cat collection has been rehomed from the loo windowsill to the upstairs landing, safe from any kittens who might be looking for a playmate. The deer collection wasn't so lucky, they had to be moved after Phil had a smashing time with them, one lost an ear, and one had to go to the great china cabinet in the sky, but I'm over it...deep breaths......

The loo is empty now......not for long, I feel a makeover coming on, and it may involve paint, if the big lad lets me, just in time for the bank holiday : )
Apologies for the rubbish photos!

Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone xx


  1. Such a cute little shelf and perfect for your collection.

  2. I adore those cats - what amazing finds! And that bambi print is just adorable xx


Thanks for all your comments : )