Sunday, 10 February 2013


This week I've allowed myself one hour of crafting per evening, then I must go and watch more of The Sopranos. Between work and crafting I haven't had time to scratch myself so this week I'm laying off and will only craft on Monday and Wednesday.
In my vintage fabric stash I've got lots of smaller bits and pieces, so I thought I'd make a patchwork cushion.
Yellow is a colour I associate with Spring, the daffodils in full bloom, I'm looking forward to having a nice big vase of them in our house
 And it was all yellow, Floral fabric and yellow sunglasses were finds fromThe Rusty Zip I bought the driving gloves after watching Drive, the retro yellow phone belonged to my Dad's aunty Gertie and uncle Joe and the vintage Sylvac Autumn leaf vase was a thrifty find for only 50p last weekend!


Check out my cousin Lynne in the Sunday Mirror
Have a lovely week everyone xxxx


  1. I feel all Springy!
    The cushion is nothing short of a triumph. I am feeling in the mood for patch work now. Will have a sort through my stash tomorrow. X

  2. You must always make time to scratch yourself!! lol! love your patchwork cushion and your heart garland is so cute! Was that 'Whistling Bob's' mate I saw?! x

  3. Its nice to see a bit of colour appearing... must mean that spring is on its way soon (please!).
    This is so cute :)
    Kaz x

  4. Excellent patchwork skillz there! x


Thanks for all your comments : )