Sunday, 24 February 2013

Last weekend......Part Three.....My Dearest "Flo"

Hello there,
Last weekend my sister took home a bundle of photos and letters from the house, I had a chance to read them and look though them properly today.
The letters written from Jimmie to his dearest "Flo" are the most romantic thing I've ever read, he loved her so much! She was originally from England and in his letters to her, he talks about missing her so much, that he can't wait to see her again and he writes 'Don't get run over'. In one letter he has arrived home from England and announced their engagement to his family, his younger brother and sister try to pull his pants down and climb all over him! his mother is very happy! In later letters they are married and he talks of how happy she has made him and they will be together until death do them part. The letters are really beautiful.
I have loved looking at their old photos, it seems they had a child, a beautiful baby girl, but they must have tragically lost her because she has left no family. Other photos show the couple with a dog Pepsi.
The couple worked together in Denny's (meat) factory in Portadown, one of the lovely things my sister took home was a telegram sent to Flo for her birthday in 1966, from Pepsi the dog!

I wonder if "Pepsi" got his bone ; )

Flo and Pepsi
 Dearest "Flo" where are you now x

Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx


  1. Flo and Jimmie...the handwriting was beautiful, ink pen and actual printed photographs to hold. who will find our memories as they are mostly all digital. bring back the love letter! #findflo
    I hope there will be a part 4 of blog? :)

  2. Sad... Maybe you can track her down & visit...

  3. Oh, how romantic! What fabulous things to find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. What a wonderful find! I love that poodle! x

  5. Aww that's the cutest thing ever! Its so lovely seeing the story of their lives being told through the pictures and letters! What a find :)
    Kaz x

  6. These are beautiful, I love old letters and photos.

  7. oh how wonderful! the photos with pepsi are absolutely perfect!!

    1. When I saw the photos of Pepsi, I thought of you Rae and your poodle colloection, I took one to to send to you, email me your address and I'll post it over x


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