Monday, 11 February 2013

Happy Mondays

Today was a good day!
An unexpected early finish from work, a few charity shops, a craving for salt and malt McCoys and a mars bar satisfied, home to discovered the latest copy of Mollie Makes and a parcel for me on the door mat and time to spare for a quick blog before the big lad gets home! I'm very easily pleased!
My second copy of Mollie makes, the big lads Christmas present was a subscription, the present that keeps on giving.

Todays Charity shop find for £1.50 
In the parcel, an amazing Chicken picture that I ordered from Andrea McNeill I met her at St Georges market and instantly fell in love with her chicken pictures, Betty, Beryl and Ethel immortalised in thread, I absolutely LOVE IT!!

 I have hung chica bonita up beside the other gals with fancy skirts

I had time to put this up too, I bought it at the Market from Eta a neighbouring trader selling gorgeous vintage hats, brooches and trinkets. I've stuck it on our bedroom door :)

Hope you're all having a great Monday!
 Pancake day tomorrow!!


  1. I love the chicken picture! There is such an art to free hand sewing and this is just beautiful!

  2. Wow I love the chicken picture! Sounds like a good day Bob! I'm rubbish at making pancakes but the homemade ones are the best...I'll give it a go! x

  3. thanks for sharing..


Thanks for all your comments : )