Sunday, 17 February 2013

Oh My! Sunshine and Daffodils

Hope you've had a good weekend, I'm mourning the end of The Sopranos so to cheer the place up I'm filling it with daffodils......ahhhchoo

When The Pampered Sparrow posted about this label maker last week, I treated myself to one. My dad had one of these and we used to use it to label our cassettes, I loved it! I bought the neon tape and put it use straight away!

 At the market this weekend the cutest little girl came over to our stall, straight away she picked up a yellow owl I had made, as her mum paid for the owl, the little girl put the owl to her ear, I asked was she listening for the twit twoo? her mum she no, she's listening for it to tell her it's name. So I asked her "what is the owls name?" and she replied "Sunshine" BEST NAME EVER!! I nearly cried!

I've had an interesting weekend, I'm so excited to share it with you but it's going to have to wait, there are a lot of photos to be taken to do it justice, it may even be a 2 parter! So you'll have to wait, let's just say Christmas came early for me!

OH!! and I have to announce the winner of the LOVE birds giveaway..........KAZ! 

Have a great week everyone xx


  1. Thanks so much :) can't wait for your gorgeous little creation to arrive!
    Love the label maker, I'd be going round labelling everything in my flat if I got my hands on one of those!
    Kaz x

  2. Fantastic! I had one as a child but they were never as colourful. x

  3. I used to work for a company that supplied the label makers and made the tape :) Haven't seen one in years but seeing yours makes me need one in my life again!!

  4. I have to get myself one of those! Lovely.

  5. tell us tell us! don't leave me hangin! x

  6. I've wanted a label maker for ages! This one looks great am definitely going to have a little look at the link :)

  7. I discovered your lovely blog via Kaz! :)

    I want a label maker! My Mum has one I think, but it doesn't look as cool as this one. Love the neon!

    Bless that girl, that's really sweet!


    1. Hi Sophie, I just read Kaz's blog post, thanks for following! Sales in this label maker are going to go throught he roof! xx

  8. I used to love these. I want and need one!!


Thanks for all your comments : )