Monday, 10 September 2012

This week I've been mostly thrifting....

To break up my long drive home
Last week I was working in Tralee County Kerry a stunning part of Ireland. On Friday I didn't have to work, just travel home, it's a 5 and a half hour drive back to Belfast and being pretty wrecked after a busy week, I found myself needing to stop for breaks on the journey home. Ireland's motorway networks have greatly improved in the years since I first started my job, gone are the days when you find yourself driving through the colourful towns, don't get me wrong the motorways are great but they're extremely boring! My first stop was a place called Newcastle West, I'd only been driving for about an hour at this point but it looked like the type of place that might be hiding a charity shop or two! It was an I found a great antique/second hand shop.

At this rate the journey was going to take me all day! Next stop a gorgeous place a few miles outside Limerick, Adare, I stopped to take photos of the lovely thatched cottage houses and shops and to refuel with carrot cake and coffee.

 The journey continued, I made some time by sticking the boot down, so much so by the time I reached my next stop Portlaoise the oil light had appeared on my dashboard! Still three hours from home I stopped for a mooch and had to find a garage to help a damsel in distress, Found a garage, 2 mugs and a pair of pretty glasses.
Problem sorted by the kind man at the garage I was back on the road, only stopping once more for a pee.
The journey ended up taking me hours! but it was fun, apart from the oil light coming on, though I managed to get wifi in the garage, so I was happy enough.
I also thrifted this gorgeous Meakin coffee pot, perfect for this time of year, it's beginning to look alot like Autumn round here. I love the leaf pattern, Autumn is my favourite season, sunny days with a chill in the air, tights and boots, leaves on the ground.
And a little glass swan, I'll be using it to keep my kitchen sink plug in, I think it's actually an ashtray, a very pretty one!

And I'm done!! I'm planning a trip to Poulty fair next weekend, if the weathers good, see what treasures are to be found! What have you been thrifting this week?

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day off, the big lad has kindly left me a pile of ironing his exact words "If you're bored, I've a pile of ironing you can do"

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Have a lovely Monday everyone xx


  1. lol... I thought you had found 2 mugs in a garage then..but I guess you didnt mean to idiots in a garage... but a garage and 2 mugs as in to drink out Love the blog x

  2. Love the coffee pot - very seasonal. Your journey made me smile, all very familiar - I'm from NI and remember when you had to drive through every blinking place to get to Dublin, it's so quick now! Wish the motorways were as good over here :) Lovely to find you x


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