Sunday, 16 September 2012

Bike Swap

Hello everyone, hope you're having a great weekend!
My best bud sister Bob (Kathryn) is going to work in Morocco for eight weeks on Monday, lucky duck! I'm going to miss her like mad but it'll be so good when she comes back!!
While Bob's away she's kindly lent me her bike and I've given her my Ipod. The big lad loves his bike and I've been wanting one for ages so this is a good time to see if I actually will use a bike if I had one of my own. Yesterday evening I geared up for my first cycle and took a spin down the river tow path, loved it! I got heckled by some teenagers though, them "G'is a go on yer bike" me "NO"
I think I'll definitely get my own bike, then myself and the big lad can head out together with Mary in a basket on the front the wind blowing in her fur. I'm lusting after one of these beauties.Pashley bike
I think I might have got the best deal on this swap given the music that's on my Ipod, I hope Bob appreciates the music of Frank Sidebottom!

Bob have an amazing time in Morocco! You're going to have such a good time! I'll be looking forward to the 5th of November and to hear all your stories from your travels! I'll Skype you if I ever figure it out! LOVE YOU!
Have a lovely Sunday everyone xxx


  1. How fab for Bob. Aren't you going to visit her? I wouldn't be able to resist! x

  2. Hi Vix, she left today, it'll be so amazing for her, I'd love to go visit but I've no money or time off work :( her boyfriend's going to head out and see her hopefully x


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