Sunday, 2 September 2012

This week I've been mostly thrifting....

Nada, zilch, zip, nothing! I know, I know, I can hardly believe it myself!
Hello! Yes this week I was off work Monday and Friday and have bought nothing, I've changed man, nah, haven't really, just trying to be good! I've been thinking about thrifting instead of actually thrifting not quite the same buzz! So today instead of the usual showing off of my thrifty finds I'm going to show you my favourite furniture finds. Nearly all of the furniture in our house is second hand, we picked bits up through the years in charity shops, boot sales and hand me downs, I love the character of a pre-loved item and the history that comes with it. Love it as it is or follow the up-cycling trend. You can be a bit more creative with a piece of furniture you've only paid a tenner for, sand it down give it a lick of paint, cover it in decoupage or simply change the handles and voila your own unique piece of furniture and you've saved yourself a small fortune! With all that money saved it'll be burning a hole in the old pocket....I can think of one way to spend it....

My favourite furniture finds...
The big lad spotted these drawers in a charity shop, it's vintage nursery furniture
My favourite chair, I bought this about 11 years ago
My Granny and Granddad's coffee table, I can still see it in their living room, it used to sit under the window, I love this table
My advice for vintage furniture shopping is if you see something and love it, GET IT, it's not like Ikea, chances are it won't be there next time you're in the shop and you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't just get it. Also check out Free Cycle and Gumtree in your area.
What's your own favourite find? Or how have you up-cycled a vintage piece of furniture?

Have a lovely week everyone!xx


  1. Great furniture! I much prefer vintage to modern. I love the nursery drawers the most with their rounded corners.

    Nikki x

  2. Love the first set of drawers - wonderful! You are so right - don't pass something by - I have and then regretted it afterwards.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Hey Homewrecker! are you having another stall anytime soon?!bought a gorgeous little bambi ornament from you at the beginning of August and i've been so eager to see you're lovely bits and bobs again :)!x

    1. Hi Kirsty! I remember you! hope you're loving your little deer, That vintage vibe wasn't on last month, I'm going to be having a stall in the Art college on culture night and I'll hopefully be back in the Red barn gallery first Saturday in October, maybe see you there xx

  4. Nice drawers, big lad!!! x

    1. ha! I'll tell him you said so xx

  5. The set of nursery drawers are an amazing find - like it very much!


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