Friday, 7 September 2012


Hello everyone! 
It's good to be home after a long week away with work, the sun is shining, the pizza is on it's way, what more could you ask for!

Mary has a new friend, forget Seymour, Vito is the new kid on the block and he's already marking his territory round Mary's patch. He's been in eating her food, chasing her around the garden and generally showing her who's boss, not sure whether she loves it or hates it, she's such a scaredy cat!. I'd love to get a kitten, there's two needing a home in the vets down the road but the big lad says NO!


 Maybe one day he'll give in, in the meantime I'll play stick with Vito and Mary.
I'm off to stuff my face with pizza, have a lovely weekend everyone xx


  1. awww super cute pictures! I wish our cara would make some friends instead of being such a bully (serious small cat syndrome) lol

    and we went to niknaks after reading your post and got a lovely dresser to referb for out baby room! thanks so much for mentioning it :)

    ps please consider taking off the 'prove your not a robot' thingy on your comments its so hard to comment on your blog, i dont have it and i dont get any spam (well maybe one every few months but never anything offensive) x

    1. Hi Astra! i will, I didn't even realise I had that setting on! It always annoys me when I leave comments on other peoples blogs!
      Nik naks is fab although it used to be even better, I'll have to get a wee trip up there again soon.
      Hope alls going well with you three xx

  2. Vito is adorable, glad he's settling in nicely! x


Thanks for all your comments : )