Sunday, 22 July 2012

This week I've been mostly thrifting....

Ahh, Sunday, bliss, I love Sundays...
Yes, shirts, all of which I washed and none of which needed ironed after! Result! Ironing is something I've only started to do more recently, I must have looked like a crumpled mess before! All three shirts for £5 from a charity shops half price rail, bargain!! Though I'm slightly worried that I might put someones eye out with these collars! 'Elf n safety gone maaaaaaddddd!!
 A pretty, sheer sunflower fabric, perfect for summer (if it ever arrives!)

 MY EEEEYYYEEEESSS! A crazy print vintage Marks and Spencer shirt, The Beach Boys would approve, I love the colours mustard, navy and aqua, a winning combination in my book.

 A cute pastel pink shirt, no ironing required, barely even needed hung on the line it was dry nearly dry when I took it out of the machine! Quality fabric!
And for the home, a floral oven dish and a yellow glass, for my stall.... hehehhe I say that about everything I get now! "Yeah, that's for the stall"

My aunt gave me this gorgeous vintage Irish linen teatowel, it says We think this would be an attractive present for whats her name or even for yourself, it's Irish linen after all. Love it the pattern an  colours, might be too nice to use and hide in a drawer, I'll have to come up with another idea for it. Speaking of coming up with idea for thrifting finds, I'm loving this blog The Thrifty Challenge about a year of enjoying all the little things and having fun getting creative by upcycling old objects. I need to set my own thrifty challenge, and that is not to go thrifting!
I'm looking forward to reading about everything you've found on your adventures this week :) Scoot over to the blooming lovely Sophie at Her Library Adventures for Flea market finds link up, See you there!
Have a super duper Sunday everyone xx


  1. Loving the shirts...especially the first one. So pretty!

  2. Wow ~ you have some seriously cool patterns there!

  3. Love the first shirt - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. That first blouse, the oven dish and the tea towel are too fabulous for words! x

  5. Ha, I'm the opposite, I don't like polyester & the kind of fabrics which don't need ironing. I love your thrifty challenge though, that's hilarious! Having done quite a few stalls, I would say don't get too carried away!

  6. Wow! The first shirt especially is absolutely gorgeous - the pattern and the semi sheer fabric :-)

    Jem xXx

  7. I love all the blouses, but that oven dish is just too amazing, I'm jealous! XO.

  8. thanks for your kind words about my blog :) ha, a thrifting challenge to not thrift, there's too much fun in finding amazing things like those blouses to give up thrifting! x

  9. Love the first shirt, bit green with envy to tell the truth, but I have to admit the second one did make me exclaim jeez Louise. Don't worry I am only jealous that I am not stylish enough to carry it off with aplomb. Super bargains, lucky you.


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