Sunday, 1 July 2012

This week I've been mostly thrifting.....

Hello! We're back home after a really fun weekend in Manchester! And the all girls are glad to see us! Loved Manchester! It's a really cool city but more on that later...onto more pressing issues! Some lovely thrifty finds this week, even though we were decorating there's always time for a little bit of thrifting! Everything I found this week seemed to be yellow, maybe subconciously it's because I'm longing for some sunshine! Here's what I found....
A sunny set of Salter scales, the new home for my tomatoes

A cute yellow lamp, perfect for our hallway table
A lovely yellow and gold jug

And four poppy table mats, I couldn't believe it when I found these, they are the match to my Poppy tray, the range seems to be from good old M and S! Vintage table mats are so small compared to modern day ones!
 And that's all folks! For another dose of fabulous thrifty finds pop over to the lovely Sophie at Her Library Adventures
Back to porridge tomorrow, (literally, fry ups for breakfast in the hotel and a weekend diet of stodge)  Could do with another week off to recover from this week off! 
Must remember Photo challenge starts today! Day one, self portrait (Oh dear!)
And in other news! Hey Home Wrecker is heading to the fair! That Vintage Vibe a small vintage fair in Belfasts Red Barn gallery. I'm going to have a stall on the 4th of August! Can't wait!! An excuse for lots more thrifting in the mean time!!
Have a lovely Sunday everyone! 


  1. I can tell you that those scales date to 1966 as my parents had them as a wedding present and I grew up with them!
    We've got the matching chopping board to your poppy place mats and I love the lamp.
    Hope you had a great time in Manchester, our mates haven't stopped sharing the gig on Facebook! xxx

    1. Hi Vix, That's so cool! can't believe your parents got these as a wedding gift! Class! Loved Manchester! xx

  2. I love that scale, funky yet stylish.

    1. Hi Karen, I popped over to see your thrifty finds, Love your new summer glasses and the ones with the butterflies, so nice! x

  3. The scale is the best!!! Great find!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. I too love the scale and the tomatoes look yummy, as well.

  5. Really nice finds ~ especially the scales and jug!

  6. Oh those table mats, you lucky thing. The range with that design is amazing.

  7. Love the scales- I just missed out on a similar set as I was distracted by the vintage sheets and when i turned around to grab them they were gone! I have had a red week myself and just posted about the red goodies. melx


Thanks for all your comments : )