Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Just call me Maria

 200th post! Would believe it?
Just like Maria in The Sound of Music, I've used an aul curtain to make a new dress. All those years playing fashion designer with the fashion wheel and cutting up the Kays catalogue to dress paper dolls have paid off. I owe my dress making inspiration to my awesome 'wardrobe mistress' sister and the wonderful Vix from Vintage Vixen, Thank you ladies! So here goes..... The Rusty Zip is the best place in Belfast to find retro fabrics, I picked this pretty orange floral piece for just £7. To make a pattern I cut up a Primar kdress I never wear, drew around it, chop chop chop, sew sew sew, tried it on, pinned it in a little then sewed some darts, and to finish I made a little belt. By NO means this dress is perfect, but if you don't look to close it's not too bad, and it was really fun to make! Who knows the possibilities if I actually used a proper pattern!
I tell you, invest in a little sewing machine, (my machine) I can spend hours beavering away in my little sweat shop, the whole house vibrating, and the big lad shouting about no chores being done!  I'm linking up with Lakota for Ta-Dah Tuesday (I know it's Wednesday) Thanks for reading everyone xxxx BIG LOVE


  1. Well done, it looks gorgeous on you! That's exactly how I made my first frock! Here's the a whole new world of curtain couture! x

  2. It looks great, you're obviously an absolute natural! The fabric is great too.

    Thanks for linking up, could you please link back in your post?

  3. Thanks Vix, next time I'll put a zip in, had to wriggle into it! haha, I wore it out to dinner and thought I might have to be cut out of it! my friend has asked me to make a mini version for her daughter and got a very groovy yellow and orange curtain to use, loving the curtain couture! x


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