Thursday, 12 July 2012

Spot the difference

Off work for a couple of days and there's a hint of sunshine, although yesterday I was fooled, lovely when I got up and fed the chickens, hung the washing out on the line and by the afternoon, lashing it down! It's nice to be off work for a couple of days, I've still a bit of decorating to finish off, my list....sand and paint the loo and upstairs hall floor, touch up bits we missed on the last paint job, a complete stairs makeover and I'd really like to paint the kitchen but I'll save that for another long weekend. I LOVE interiors, I LOVE seeing and reading about homes on blogs, I could literally spend hours looking at other peoples houses, you can get so inspired. Here's a peek at our finished rooms....
The spare room BEFORE

Our room, we painted it all white and had a furniture move around, such a difference just moving furniture can make.

And the living room BEFORE....

During our decorating, we tried so hard not to cover the floor in paint, our attempts were in vain the place was covered!
And the finished room, not a huge difference, a fresh lick of white on the ceiling and a new colour on the walls, Perfectly Taupe and 1 wall behind the sofa Overtly Olive. I'm happy with the finished colour, sometimes it's hard to visualise a colour on the whole room, but I wanted a cosy feel and it definitely feels warmer.
Thanks for stopping by for a nosey round our gaff!


  1. Your house is an absolute joy, I could spend hours rummaging through your treasures! I love white walls and bare boards, shows our eclectic collections off perfectly! x

    1. Thanks Vix! I'd love to see pics of your house, from your photo shoot the other day it looks pretty full of amazing stuff! x


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