Tuesday, 3 July 2012

This is the one

We had brilliant weekend in Manchester, what definitely made it sweeter was staying in a 5star hotel, I could get used to that kind of lifestyle! I missed the girls though and it's taken Mary a couple of days to come round and be our friend again, she's all out of sorts when we leave her home alone (My sister was looking after her and the chickens)
We arrived Thursday lunch time, ditched our bags in the hotel and then went for an adventure around the city. We got ourselves a map and walked for hours and hours! Then on Friday night it was what the big lad has been waiting for since 1996, The Stone Roses homecoming! 250 days after booking the tickets the time had finally come! Excited much? There could be tears!
We decided to walk to and from Heaton park and we arrived 4 hours before they were on stage! Early birds! Had time to get some very unhealthy dinner and push our way through a horrendous queue (mud and getting crushing BAD) for a couple of drinks. Then we found our spot...... When they came on stage the smile on the big lads face said it all! So happy!! LOVED IT!! (No tears however) Lots of finger pointing at the sky, some brilliant actions to some of the songs by die hard Roses fans, and the crowd shouting out the anthems! Brilliant craic! And we get to do it all again in August when they play Belfast at Tennants Vital!

Set In Stone Exhibition by Ian Tilton in the Northern Quarter
Wellies are a must!

And as if it were a dream it was all over! The big lad cheacked ebay and someone was already selling their ticket stub and offical programme and it sold for 50 quid?? Fools Gold (Excuse the pun) CRAZY!

Second installment of our Manchester adventure to come soon.
Hope you're all having a fun week, can't believe it hump day tomorrow already!

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  1. Glad you had a fab time! I haven't heard a bad word said by anyone who went, Stone Roses rock! x


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