Sunday, 20 May 2012

Wardrobe Clearout

Usually by now in Northern Ireland we're having some good weather but there's been alot of rain here recently and it's been cold, sooooo cold! There's been a few wardrobe malfunctions of late, seeing the sun shining at eight in the morning doesn't always mean sunshine all day, OH NO! You've walked out of the house in your maxi dress and flip flops and five minutes later it's lashing down and you look like a drowned rat, not a good look! But with yesterday came the brilliant news of some much awaited for good weather...AT LAST!!! Sunshine this week and a heatwave on it's way!
Time for a wardrobe clear out, pack the winter jumpers away and get out the hot pants and crop tops (kidding) The wardrobe clear out is a yearly event but it's usually more of a tidy up but this time I was ruthless, and it felt good. With shops popping up everywhere offering cash for clothes, charity shops are suffering, with less people bringing in donations they're forced to put up their prices up to meet targets, then less people will buy from them equals no money for charity. So with that in mind, I tried on everything, thought seriously does this really suit me? does this actually fit? and managed to give away two bags from me and one from the big lad!
Time for a clear out!
See you later scarfs (hopefully not for a while)
Job Done!!
So clear out done, all biz, headed off to the charity shop to drop off the bags..... Should have left them at the door instead of actually going in, TOO DANGEROUS! NO WILLPOWER!!
Instead of coming home empty handed I came home with this....
I very lovely floor lamp from Oxfam, for only £5.99!
I am resided to the fact that when it comes to charity shops finds an opportunity is not to be missed because it won't be there next time you go. I have fallen off the waggon big time!
So I've got a neat and tidy wardrobe and an amazing new lamp, happy days : )
What have you all been thrifting week? I can't wait to see!
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Have a great Sunday everyone xx


  1. Love the standard lamp. Just started to keep an eye out for one myself. I'm in Wicklow, i sure hope this heatwave that you speak of comes our way. We sure do need it, don't we. :)

    1. Hi! you're closer to the equator down in Wicklow I''ll bet you get glorious sunshine down there! Please blame the weatherman if it doesn't materialize :)

  2. The lamp is great. As long as you stick to "more goes out than in" its ok to fall off the thrifting wagon:)

    1. That's never the case!! Antiques of the future I keep telling myself :0

  3. love the lamp! there is always something refreshing about a good clear out (even if nothing actually goes 'out' it just goes 'away' - haha)

    Kel x


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