Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bob and Bob's Excellent (Thrifting) Adventure

ONE DAY.....
      TWO SISTERS.....
             110 MILES (Approximately)....
                    7 HOURS AND 20 MINUTES...
                          28 CHARITY SHOPS.....
First I must explain the nicknames. Basically she's Bob (My sister kathryn) and I'm Bob! This can get a little confusing for people in our company and we're often asked why are you both Bob? We started calling each other Bob about 14 years ago and it just kinda stuck....All our other family members have nicknames too, there's Cric, Perlie tooth and Mert and Dert and all of these names have other variations!
Yesterday Bob and I headed on a ABC tour of charity shops A-Antrim, B-Ballymena, C-Coleraine. What a day! I couldn't possibly wait until the end of the month to share this....
We decided to keep note of how much we were spending so we didn't go overboard (I tend to get a little carried away on these sort of trips) and keep a tally of how many shops we visited, there was also talk of drawing up charts etc on which town rated best for shops....basically it was like a fun geography field trip,comparing towns, prices etc (Tragic!! Haahaa) 
Now when Bob and I get together on these sorts of days out we're a bad influence on each other, "BUY it Bob, it's class" " GET it Bob, you're only here once" " Oh go on, You HAVE to Have it Bob" Very dangerous! But on the other hand we're also good at being realistic and we managed to talk ourselves out of a few purchases.
Seven hours and twenty minutes after starting out on our journey we arrived home, tired but giddy and a little bit nervous as to what the big lad might say when he sees the bags coming through the door....
The fruits of my labour
Here's our findings are for the day...

ANTRIM  about 20 miles outside Belfast, 4 charity shops, prices are very good, staff are very friendly.
First purchase of the day, a bedside table (The only thing I bought that I actually needed), bought in Antrim for £5. I'm thinking it might look good with some new knobs.
We were off to a good start, Bob also bought a glass plate for nibbles £2, and a bag for £3.....

BALLYMENA about 30 miles outside Belfast, 13 charity shops (That we visited but there could be more)
If you love vintage then it's worth the trip, prices are good and staff are very friendly
3 mugs 50p each
A new addition to craft corner, yellow rose tapestry £3
A beautiful teal and purple double bed throw from Marks and Spencers for £5
A kitty with a ball 50p

A vintage deer for £1.50
Bob also bought a dog ornament 50p, a very 90's Dorothy Perkins dress £6, a jumper £3 and a shirt for £4.00.
I have to show you this from a charity shop in Ballymena. If we had a bigger house and I owned a van this would have come home with me. Reduced from £40 to £15.... FIFTEEN!!!! So nice....

At this point my total spend is £16.50 and Bob's grand total is £18.50, it's time to make the we carry on? Well we've come this far, so we head to Coleraine......and it didn't disappoint.

COLERAINE about 55 miles outside Belfast, 11 charity shops (We didn't have much time in Coleraine, so there could be lots more) The prices are good and some have specific vintage sections, staff are very friendly. There was one amazing furniture store Refurbish, we couldn't believe the prices, I nearly cried!!
Little deer salt and pepper or could be mini bookends for mini books £1.99

A vintage cream and pearl jumper £5.00 and a pineapple pot for £2.50
Bob showed great restraint in Coleraine and I didn't! Time to hit the road, get home and get the big lads tea on. A total spend of £26 for me and £18.50 for Bob, that doesn't include food, car parking or petrol costs for the day but who's counting?  You can't put a price on fun, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!
That was the thrifting blow out for the month!

I Linda do solemnly swear I will not set foot inside another charity shop for the rest of May (Do car boot sales count?) Have a great weekend everyone! Good luck in your thrifting adventures!

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  1. Wow, wow, wow!! Nice haul. I love those mugs. There needs to be a 12-step program for thrifting addiction...

    1. Hahha! Totally! I definately need to sign up,I think I'm getting worse! TA-Thriftaholics anonymous

  2. Love the little deer items, especially the salt and pepper set - so cute!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I like the kitty and the deers <3 <3 <3

  4. love your haul and I would have bought that stand thingy you didn't have room for. (I don't either but that seldom matters tome)

  5. the mini deer s & p book ends... oh my, adorable!

  6. Good finds! Well done. I love how the mugs co-ordinate with the pineapple. My favourites are the deers though. They are just the best.


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