Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mini Makeover...Inspiration Station

A day off yesterday...Oh Dear!!! Bursting with inspiration after reading this post from my cousin Lynne over at Tea for Joy, I headed off to Ikea to buy some shelves. So on my list....2 shelves and some brackets... Is it just me or every time when you're in Ikea you leave with a pack of 100 tea lights and a potted plant?
All biz (happy) with my buys I rushed home, drill charging, I cleared my space and got organised....

Space cleared, it dawned on me that I didn't have any wall plugs , a quick trip to Wise buys....Joking with the girl in the shop, I told her about my attempt to put up two shelves, and she recommended No More Nails..... Maybe I should have bought some!
Here goes, how hard can putting up a shelf be? I might add at this point that I did actually get the shelves up AND they were straight! Honest !! (I forgot to get photographic evidence!) but a terrible thing started to happen when I started to happily arrange all my accoutrement's....
DISASTER! the shelves started coming away from the wall...quickly everything came back off, this is the part I start scratching my head, looking puzzled and wondering how on earth I'm going to sort this out. By this time the shelves are back off the wall, the wall is COVERED in holes!
Picture this I'm running around like a headless chicken... freaking out because, the big lad is expecting his dinner on the table, the whole house needs hoovered, and the craft room now looks like a nail bomb exploded!..... I'm thinking my only hope is getting Nick knowles and the DIY SOS team in!
What would Cloughy (Brian Clough) do came to mind, and that's when I had a brain wave.......

Now this idea is completely makeshift, and I have visions of the whole thing coming crashing down but I had to come up with something to hide all the holes I'd made.... it will do in the meantime until I get someone who knows how to put up shelves properly to do it!

The big lad says I'm better off in work, and I'm beginning to think he's right!
Have you had any DIY disasters?
Have a great Thursday everyone x

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  1. Hey Linda,
    Everybody has a disaster now and then, but yours turned out to be very nice! Is that what I'm seeing, beer bottle shelf brackets? That's cool! I especially like all the colors in your room and the banners and the radio...I could go on and on... 8-) I'm wondering, how'd you come up with your blog name? You look like such a nice girl!


Thanks for all your comments : )