Friday, 2 January 2015

Drab to Fab

Happy new year to you all! I'm hoping 2015 will be a healthy and happy year! With some crafty and home projects thrown in!
2014 finished off with one final sewing project using a beautiful piece of vintage floral fabric my sister had given me for Christmas. We have recently bought a new bed from Ikea, the plain headboard wasn't doing it for me. Then came the lightbulb moment! I'll make a headboard cover from the fab floral fabric. As usual I rushed into the project and completely forgot the measure twice cut once rule. I sewed the cover a little on the tight side but after a strength giving bowl of hot porridge and Nutella (try it! Honestly best breakfast ever!) I managed to squeeze the cover onto the headboard, here's how it's looking now, and how it'll be until I have to cut it off! In 2015 I must learn to slow down!
The bed before
The fabulous floral fabric
In my book you can never have too many floral patterns, this gorgeous Marks and Spencer's bedspread was a charity shop find. 
Happy 2015! 


  1. Oh yes the good old 'measure twice, cut once' rule. I've ignored this one a couple of times myself.
    The headboard cover looks lovely. x

  2. Gorgeous!
    What a lovely present and your bedspread is lovely too x


Thanks for all your comments : )