Saturday, 10 January 2015

Little changes

This year instead of New Years resolutions I've got a monthly to do list! This months list includes get a haircut, clean the car, bring healthy snacks to work, amongst others, all very do-able! Number ten on the list was to make some changes to our living room. A while back I'd used some apple crates in our living room as storage, the changes saw them go, now being used under the stairs as shoe storage and in the space they left behind a reshuffle of the lovely retro ladies art to make space for a new picture. I bought this picture about 2 years ago, from a charity shop, where else?! And it's been under the bed in the spare room ever since! Not good! I've also rehomed the deer collection from the glass cabinet to make space for the big lads ever growing library. So just some little changes, I like to keep things fresh and I'm happy to have finally hung the picture!

What are you changing this year? 
Have a great weekend everyone x


  1. love the colour coordinated books :-) You also have quite a fabulous little art collection going on.


Thanks for all your comments : )