Sunday, 25 January 2015


Well it seems January has been a bit of a blogging holiday! Sometimes blogging is like that, there will be times I feel like I could blog everyday, there are times when I don't blog for weeks, I don't like to worry about it too much, just go with the flow and see what happens. The jobs on the January to do list are getting done which I'm happy about, jobs still to do are have two new lights fitted in our living room and clean the car. One thing I did get ticked off was to repaint our shower room. It's been 5 years since we decorated, the tiles were originally peach, we used a tile paint but over the years it had become chipped, time for a wee freshen up. Amazing what a lick of fresh white paint and a couple of bulbs (only one was working before!) can do to brighten up a room!
The floor had a paint job too and I put the window blind (actually a tablecloth) to the roof, it lets more light in and makes the ceiling feel taller. I swapped wicker drawers for a gold tea trolley to house the bathroom bits and bobs and an ever growing plant collection. Happy with the result and to have another job ticked off the list! 
Hope you're all having a good year so far!

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  1. Your bathroom is gorgeous Linda. I love your zig-zaggy retro towel hanger!
    I know what you mean about blogging - I have one week of hols left, once I start work I know blog posts from me will be as rare as hens teeth. I'm still going to stick with it though - even if it's infrequently - because I've decided I really do like blogging x


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