Sunday, 26 October 2014

It's just another brick in the wall

If you've ever seen an odd woman looking too closely at walls in Belfast you'll probably have seen me. I've never really 'looked' at walls properly until a recent walk around East Belfast and the discovery of a wall full of engraved names, dates and pictures of ships, sailors and war planes. 
You'll be on the look out for interesting walls in your area, I'm sure there are loads you just have to have a closer look!
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  1. There's a couple of bridges near me that are covered in old graffiti and yeah, I do get odd looks when I peer at it. They renovated one of the bridges a while back though, and the stone with my favourite bit didn't get put back the way it was so I can't find it anymore... It said "I admire Briony" in really neatly carved capitals, I always wondered who wrote it and who Briony was!


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