Friday, 10 October 2014

A room of ones own

Sometimes when my head is full of blog posts the simplest thing to do is scrap all the ideas and just blog about what's in front of me. So with that in mind I'm sharing the corner of the spare room which I use as my dressing room. The chest of drawers were a find from the Used Unique Boutique near Newtownards, well worth a visit for any vintage treasure hunters, the mirror was given a face lift with some vintage fabric scraps. There's a lot of pattern going on in this corner! From the dresses hanging on my wardrobe door, much to pretty to hide inside the wardrobe, the boudoir chair I picked up and recovered in a fab fabric I bought in Edinburgh, the gorgeous patterns on the tins I house my nail polish collection and makeup in and not forgetting the little floral bin I found at the Crumlin Road car boot sale. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone wherever you are and whatever you're up to xx

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  1. I'd love a room of my own, just like yours Linda! Gorgeois vintage frocks too!


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