Sunday, 2 November 2014

Mustard makeover

Everything furniture wise in our house now is a potential 'project' since discovering chalk paint. The latest piece to get a little makeover is the vintage cabinet, bought from a charity shop, which now homes my shoe collection. I picked a mustard colour, surprise surprise! It's one of my absolute favourites and featured all over our house! I'm mad for mustard!
After a lick of paint I added some sunny retro fabric to the back of the cabinet, I used a staple gun to attach it because no doubt I'll probably fancy a change some day and it'll be easier to take off. 
On top of my cabinet a charity shop find globe, a pretty floral tray I found for 20p, the pattern is gorgeous! My cute kissing girls money money box a present from my friend about ten years ago, a friendship plant, a wooden box that belonged to my grandmother, a heart shaped shell trinket box, pink flamingos embroidery and a lamp that I changed the shade on after living room crate makeover. The Pom Pom garland has been rehung across the ceiling.
What are you making over recently? Any projects planned? I've a few up my sleeve I can't wait to get started!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone x


Thanks for all your comments : )