Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hello October

I've been a quiet blogger most of September, it seems to have flown by! September has been full of cooking, after reading an article in Red magazine about Ella, and how she changed her diet after health problems, you'll find a link to her blog Deliciously Ella on my side bar. I downloaded the app and set out to buy a food processor, an essential part of kitchen equipment! How did I ever cope without one! The app is handy when you're in the supermarket and need to know what's in tonight's dinner! I didn't know my quinoa from my mung beans before but I'm getting there. I find the recipes are easy to follow, no weighing as all the measurements are cup fulls. I haven't turned vegan, but after cooking this way for the last two weeks I have to say I feel so much better! So Much more energy! Although there is one down side to all this cooking, the washing up! 
Happy cooking everyone! 

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