Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Fresh Pair

My Tuesday chore list included change the bed sheets, well not happy with just putting on fresh pre-made sheets I decided to make some fresh new pillowcases from some vintage sheets I bought a while ago.thing is making new pillowcases rather than putting on ones I already have takes triple the amount of time so nothing else on the list was done! Woops, at least we have four nice pillowcases now. I simply used an existing pillowcase as a pattern and got sewing, very easy to make, just one long length of fabric and a two lines of stitching and Bob's your uncle or in my case sister.

Hope you're all having a great week x


  1. Me, too especially when they've been dried in the sunshine and are all crispy! Gorgeous bedroom! x

  2. How gorgeous and how creative you are! On the days I change my bedding I don't let the cat anywhere near my room for at least an hour.... can't last for any longer than that! x


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