Thursday, 3 April 2014

This is me

Ada Bea this ones for you xx
Yesterday Ada Bea from Vintage Sheet Addict  asked who are you?
Who are you? who ohh ohh ohh?

I'm Linda, a vintage loving, creative cat lady, 33 soon to to 34 and I'd just like to add I'm not a homewrecker! Daughter, sister, girlfriend, aunt, friend, a lover not a hater. This post is full of my favourite sayings!
I live in the big smoke of Northern Ireland with my other half, my sister, cats Phil and Mary and chickens Betty and Beryl.
“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” Elbert Hubbard
(I'd like to think) Those who know me would describe me as creative, happy go lucky, silly, kind, positive, loyal, hard working and on a bad day impatient, lazy, stubborn!
Life is a good

My favourite things are family, friends, cats, forest walks, running in summer rain, cappuccinos, holidays, karaoke, vintage, charity shops, sewing, chocolate, pizza, cake, cooking, blogging, photography, plants, picnics, cinema, autumn colours, the seaside, instagram, bike rides....I could go on all day!
I started my blog nearly three years ago to share my home decorating projects from then it's turned into more of a personal blog, my on line diary. Blog time is me time. In the past I've tried to keep a diary but I'd always give up writing after a couple of weeks.
Accept and move on

I'm a worrier, if there's something I'm worried about I won't sleep my appetite goes out the window and the worrying thoughts will consume my every thought. This is something I'm working on, I've started yoga practise and mediation, it really has helped.
It's nice to be nice
I love to help people, even if it's just a smile or a hello just being friendly and polite makes my day. I don't like rudeness.
Work to live not live to work
I recently changed jobs, I work in a sandwich shop now and it's great! for me it was a massive change after 13 years in the same job! (I told you I was loyal)
Your health is your wealth
I've learned to accept my dizziness, I have good days and bad days, recently mostly good so I'm happy with that.
“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” Marilyn Monroe
The big lad and I have been together for 14 years! We met through an art college friend of mine who just happened to be his friend, he brought him to our house party and when he came down the stairs with the toilet seat round his neck I knew he was the one. The rest they say is history.
One last thing, my favourite piece of advice, from my mum and dad "Just do your best"

That's enough about me!
Thank you for reading xxxx


  1. Awww, what a smashing read. Its nice to know the women behind the blog. Happy Birthday for soon! xxx

  2. Helllllllo! Lovely to hear more about you, sounds like you know just what's important in life! I think meditation and yoga will really help you train those pesky worries, be gone with you worries that's what I say. Enjoy your weekend lovely :) x

  3. How lovely to find out a bit more about you, Linda! "Work to live not live to work" really resonates with me right now. xx

  4. Hello Linda! Some very wise words there - your happiness shines off the page :) Lovely to get to know you a bit more xxx


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