Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hashtag Ridic

This made me laugh today. Working with the general public has been a real eye opener....

Hashtag STFU

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(I’m scooping ice cream when four girls approach, probably in their early teens. One girl doesn’t look up from her cellphone the entire time.)
Girl #1: “Like, O-M-G. We should totes get ice cream.”
Girl #2: “We should! Hashtag delicious!”
(At this point I sort of do a double take as I have never heard anyone use ‘O-M-G’ and ‘hashtag’ in an actual sentence. )
Girl #3: “Totes hashtag guilty pleasure. Hashtag favourite food.”
Girl #1: “O-M-G . What flavors should we get? Hashtag decisions!”
Girl #3: “Hashtag double scoops. Hashtag muffin top! Let’s each get two scoops! We’re soooo bad!”
(They proceeded to get their ice cream and then I witnessed them all smooshed together outside the store taking selfies with their ice cream cones, all while making a duck face. I needed to take a break after that to regather my faith in humanity.)
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