Sunday, 16 February 2014

Just Hanging Around

My friend Deborah was having a clear out, she saved me a lampshade she thought I'd be able to do something with. I instantly thought about using it as a hanging basket.....

Bits and bobs, left over wool from pom pom making, lampshade and ivy

I cut a circular shape from the lampshade

threaded wool through the top of the shade
bring all the pieces of wool together so they are the same length and tie together

put a little dish in the base
Tah Dah!

It's hanging in our shower room. I finally got around to hanging my charity shop macrame basket in the loo.

I got this idea from the yoga class I go to, I admired some tin hanging baskets hanging at the studio entrance and thought I'd have a go myself. I saved some large tins from the sandwich shop, hammered four holes, used wool to hang and covered the tin in some vintage fabric....Hanging in our hall

Can you tell I love plants!?
I hope you're all having a warm and dry weekend xxx


  1. That lampshade hanging basket is wonderful!!x

  2. That's genius! i don't know how many times I've left those stringy shades behind in chazzas, I'm kicking myself now! xxx

  3. I was just talking to Mum about the joys of indoor hanging plants. Amazing for the air and the look amazing. Ye know too much!


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