Saturday, 8 February 2014


It's been a while since I've shared any of my vintage finds here on the blog. I still love nothing more than an afternoon mooching around the charity shops and when I'm lucky enough to find something I really love then I'll treat myself, my favourites are 1960s pottery and kitsch cats. Here are the newbies to my vintage collective....
This gorgeous deer's head, a present from my friend, found it's home on the living room wall.
A car boot find, this floral bin is perfect for my craft room/wardrobe

New lampshade, bought for £1, little bunny night light, I couldn't resist and the cutest hand cream a present from the big lad
This fab casserole dish, it belonged to my mums neighbour
And last but not least, a cute little deer letter holder, bought on a recent charity shop mooch with my mum.
Have you found anything good recently in the charity shops?

Have a great weekend folks xxx


  1. The prettiest bin I've seen, lovely enough to have out on display.
    Lately I've op-shopped some floral sheets, and some colourful zippers to use for cushion covers.

  2. I love that letter holder - never seen one quite like it before! I've just bought a 1960's ice bucket - no idea why but I'm sure it'll come in useful 'one day'! Jane x

  3. Oooo what lovely things! I love that casserole dish! I bought some lovely brown 70s plant pots the other day :)

  4. I am loving your bin, I'm looking for one exactly like that for our bedroom- what a find!

  5. I love the great print on your bin! Snap with the bambi letter rack too, I have one in my porch :)

    Catherine, xo.

  6. Loving the casserole dish! I found a fab summer's dress on the one pound rail yesterday! Totally fab seersucker bit at the top, africany type print, navies, reds,greys,whites, it's completely fab! Xxx

  7. That casserole dish!!!! Fantastic gain.


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