Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Tidy Corner

It's back to typical summer weather here...rain.... *moans* The weather was so good last weekend that after the market on saturday I just piled everything in the craft room and closed the door. It was all getting a bit untidy and there's nothing worse for my creativity juices flowing than a messy space so tonight after work I came home to sort it out. My tidying process is usually to turn the place upside down and start again, I clear everything out first, clean and then do my thing.....This is an awkward corner of my craft room, it's a bit of a dumping area for things that we don't really need, but don't want to get rid of, desperately in need of a mini makeover!
 I had two spare shelves after my failed attempt to attach shelves to a wall and ended up with this. My craft room (entire house) constantly evolves!
I chopped a bit of the end of the shelves, banged in some heavy duty nails as brackets and decorated the wall behind with some of Flo's fabrics.

One very tidy corner, and the rest of upstairs a complete mess, I'll save the tidying up for tomorrow, it's Mad Men time now!

Ryan Gosling, you've hit the nail on the head! Now to tidy the rest of the house....

Hope you're all having a great week x


  1. Shelf envy! Fabulous backing there. Seriously a good idea.

  2. What a fantastic little corner! x

  3. The fabric behind looks fabulous- you've got such a cute little corner.
    Ha, I've just recently become a mad men addict too :)


Thanks for all your comments : )