Sunday, 24 March 2013

Making Space

Yesterday I got down to an afternoon craftathon, it's been a while. My craft room had become a bit of a disaster area, filled with the fabrics and stuff from our market stall there was actually no room left for crafting! All the stuff in the there was like a mental block, I needed to have a tidy up and fast......


Hiding my fabric hoard and it's still spilling over, I'm on the look out for a second hand tall boy but this will do in the mean time

For the big lads benefit, I have to remind myself to do the chores!

Room nice and tidy now, freezing and snowy outside,........a great day to get my craft on!
I've got a stall at Decadence Vintage Fair At Belfast Castle coming up so I'll be making some new goodies for that.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend in your part of the world xx


  1. Looking great! Sorry my 2 year old hurricane came over and wrecked it.x We had a lovely crafteroon!

  2. Major suitcase envy going on over here in Manchester!!
    Looks ace Linda, love everything about your little workroom xxx


Thanks for all your comments : )