Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Amsterdam Thrifting

I'm on a no thrifting mission (again!) No really!! I know, how many times have I written this on my blog? Seriouly though, I need to start saving and if I keep popping into charity shops and seeing vintage goodies I can't resist, that'll never happen! If I can give up chicken (I haven't eaten chicken since Ethel passed) then I can give up thrifting.....weeelllll.... at least until the holiday fund starts to grow!
Before I go cold turkey a quick thrifting fix...... a couple of vintage finds from Amsterdam, I picked them up at the Waterlooplein Market, It's a good job our luggage wasn't any bigger!
The cutest deer picture
This romantic boy

A fab dress I can't wait to wear, just need to take it up a bit

And another little cat to add to cat collection
 What have you been thrifting lately?
 From now on I will only get my thrifty fix from blogs!Go forth and thrift....

Hope you're all having a great week xx


  1. Good luck with going cold turkey - head down and no looking in any windows! I was supposed to be on a ban and then saw a dress I couldn't leave behind. And a coffee set...
    I'm sure foreign thrifting doesn't count though, right?

  2. i absolutely loooooove that deer! so sweet.
    i haven't been thrifting in forever! i think it is the estate sales. the thrifts around me have gotten too expensive.


Thanks for all your comments : )