Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dublin's Merchant Market

We visited our friends who live in Dublin last weekend and they took us on a little trip to Dublin's Merchants Indoor Market.....There was some pretty nifty roadside art leading up to the market, I can relate to this! Just imagine the big lad's the woman and I'm the man...... The market was full of interesting stalls bursting with retro goodies, *Eyes light up* I tried not to get too carried away and only left with a cat, a lamp, 6 glasses and jug and 4 glass set, spending a grand total of 16 Euro..... it could have been a lot worse! (I'm trying to save)

 I left the jug and glasses set with my friends as a thank you for having us down, but the lamp and yellow flower glasses came home with us, I forgot to take a pic of the new cat in cat collection, (worrying cat collection is growing at pace)

 Maybe another little visit in the future for this Dublin Flea

Thank you Ray and Monta for a brilliant time (Ray next time don't make the cup cakes as orangey, Ta!)

Have you been to any great markets recently?

Happy Mothers day tomorrow all the yummy mummys out there, I just know Mary has got me something really special :)

Oh! and Part Five of Last Weekend, my bestie Kathryn, photographer and writer of Martha My Muse is going to take some photographs next weekend (weather permitting) so stay tuned!

Bye for now xx Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Can't wait to take your photos.! Thanks for the fab card you helped Martha to make.x

  2. Me too! Enjoyed crafting with martha today!

  3. That market looks class! That is so you and the big lad in reverse. sometimes when I think Im a horder and then I read your blog I actually think I am a minimalist ! ;)

  4. 16 Euros still sounds like a bargain!

  5. I love markets, street art AND Lichtenstein! So perfect post :-)

    The lamp and glasses go ever so well with your blog header

  6. Ha ha! I love the paintings on the wall, so funny! So dramatic! I'll have to go one day! x


Thanks for all your comments : )