Monday, 4 May 2015

When in Rome

We got back from Rome late last night, we had a brilliant time. Over the last couple of days my legs have walked miles from The Colosseum to The Vatican, pizza and gelato providing the energy to keep going! I'm having gelato withdrawal today! It's SO good!!! We tried to cram in lots of sight seeing in the few days we were there and we seen a lot but it's the type of place you could go back to a thousand times and see something new. We both loved Rome, I was completely overwhelmed by the sights, they are amazing and if you haven't been it's worth visiting! Here are a few pictures from the trip! First there are the ancient ruins! Mind blowing the sheer size!

The aweinspiring religious buildings
The floors and walls and ceiling of The Vatican museum and The Cistine Chapel so much to look at so little time!
But the best thing about Rome was finding a cat sanctuary! In ancient ruins no less, full of three legged, one eyed cats and worth a visit for any cat lover!

If you'd like to look at more of my Rome spam follow me on Instagram @hey_homewrecker I've been all over it like a heat rash! Oh and if you haven't got a selfie stick don't panic you are offered a selfie stick every few steps! I'm not sure this is how the Romans imagined their Empire! Ciao for now hope you've all had a great bank holiday x

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