Wednesday, 13 May 2015

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy vintage fabric

In my head I've been repeating I must sort through my fabric stash, I must not buy any more fabric, let's not be silly here, the first is doable the second is NOT! I'm a vintage fabricoholic! With the words I will not buy any more fabric until I sort my stash in my head I make the mistake of rerouting my gym walk home knowingly passing the danger zone that is the vintage shop, I walk inside. My heart skips a beat, fabrics!!!!!! And I can't say no! Those fabrics were the icing on the cake and the catalyst to a fabric sort out! Big enough pieces of fabric will be made into cushion covers and I've made craft packs with the rest of the smaller bits, the really small pieces will be kept for rainy day projects. I feel a lot more organised and happy that my Etsy shop is looking a little brighter!
Fabrics in the sewing pile, soon to become cushion covers.
Can't wait to get sewing now!!
Hope you're all having a good week xx

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