Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Ladies Pride

Never one to shy away from a bright colour or a bold pattern this amazing lurex maxi dress in the action cancer shop popped out from the rail immediately and caught my eye (sorry I'm just imagining that literally and ouch!) I'm making up for my rather dull youth that was spent wearing grey and blue my sister's nickname for me was cloud. Ten pounds for such a beautiful dress is a total bargain in my opinion and with a friends wedding happening in May I justified it coming home! Miss Jones was on hand to make the dress a little more me, the flared sleeves went and the maxi became a mini, miss Jones did a great job considering she's been out of action for so long. The fabric is lurex and has a lovely subtle sparkle and the pattern well it's just wow and after the alteration I have enough fabric left to make something else, my sister suggested a clutch bag to match. Watch this space!
Hahhaaa! Just noticing my face in this picture! 
Beautiful Miss Jones still working like a dream, matches the new dress perfectly!
The finished article, can't wait to wear this!
Hope you're all having a great week x

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  1. oh just love this dress! Would look great with some knee high boots! x


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