Thursday, 9 April 2015

How not to wallpaper

Long time since the last blog post I know! I've been meaning to post this one for ages but I keep getting side tracked! Blame Instagram! Woops! Way back in February pancake day to be precise I invited my sisters around for pancakes. I finish work at half three and instead of going home and prepping my mixture and fillings I decide it might be the right time to wallpaper our loo. Picture this.... A cold February afternoon and I get changed into my leopard print housecoat and slippers, strip everything out of the loo to clean. You could barely swing a mouse let alone a cat in our loo, so wall papering the space was never going to be easy anyway, but under time pressure and wearing a housecoat and I was asking for trouble. Now I've never wallpaped a whole wall before and things were going well until the final strip went up and it was  20" to short!!!! Cue panic and sweats and then the doorbell rang! I managed to patch up the last bit with a off cut but the pancakes were a disaster! Will I ever learn!! Love our new loo though this wallpaper is fabulous, it's made in Sweden and is a remake of a 1974 design!
This paper also comes in an orange and grey colour way, too much for our living room? I'm tempted now I've got the wallpapering bug!
Have a brilliant weekend xx


  1. Quite possibly the best loo ever. Far too pretty to do a number two in Linda!


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