Friday, 14 November 2014

A long overdue charity shop mooch

My sister and I were heading down to visit  our parents and decided a charity shop mooch was long overdue! I used to go thrifting ALL the time! But I've had a reality check, realised I was spending ALL my money on vintage and haven't been in ages so it was a real treat to hoke and even if it's just that it's still fun! There was lots of 'good stuff' but I only bought a few.....ahem.... necessary items! I didn't buy these books

But I did buy......
Fluffy tailed bunnies a present for a Instagram friend, I couldn't resist! Some tile transfers, highly unnesscessary! A foot stool, I had to come to an agreement with my sister for this who claimed it first,I've been on the look out for one just like this got a very long time and being a great sister she let me buy it, some pretty plant pots and a Christmas angel
The little angel needs some TLC as she's lost her sparkle but for Christmas she'll be good a new!
Phil has claimed the new foot stool as his own.
Ahh, you can't beat the chazzas!
Have a great weekend everyone x


  1. Happy DAYS!! I haven't done much lately either. BIt of withdrawal going on for me. I would pretty much drink poison for that sindy annual!!! 1983 was when i was sindy obsessed and I coveted everything that was in those annuals!


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