Saturday, 5 October 2013

Making for Refound

I called into Refound today to drop off some new things I've made recently. It was great to catch up with Jill and her mum, it's been ages since I've been in. We had a coffee, a chat and a dance, just a regular Saturday morning in Refound when Jill's mum is there! If you're in Belfast pop up and say hello! Or check out the Refound Etsy Shop
I made some new pictures, vintage fabric and thrifted scrabble letters....

 Please pop over to Kylies blog, and support her Frocktober event she's raising money for Ovarian Cancer.
And maybe YOU can help my blog friend Emma, head over to Oooh Betty to read the project Mr Betty is involved with, maybe you'd like to make something too? I couldn't sleep last night thinking about what I was going to make!

Have a great weekend everyone xx


  1. Thanks for the shout-out Linda. I appreciate it.
    I love your new makings btw x

  2. Oh I love your new makes - those fabrics are utterly fabulous! Heading over to the Etsy shop now :) xx

  3. These are so cool Linda! The material is FAB but I also love the quotes too. x

  4. Thanks for your support Linda. X
    Also, please can you email me your address. It's not that I wish to post anything to you ;-)


Thanks for all your comments : )