Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kitchen makeover progress

A couple of months ago I started a kitchen makeover and I'm still not finished! Since the last update, I've hung a new old door curtain from Flo's stash, spray painted a stags head, made a new window dressing from a vintage curtain and used the left over fabric for a trio of hoops so it's looking a bit like this....

Still to sort out the botched job of the tiles behind the cooker and maybe paint the rest of the unit doors white, can't decide! Maybe leave that until next summer, a new floor would be nice too!

Hope you're having a good week, I'm glad we're over the hump!


  1. Love your retro kitchen.
    The wallpaper and matching cups looks amazing. x

  2. Gorgeous! Love that retro fabric and the deer's head is just genius! x

  3. I really like it. Great colours (obviously). I am desperate to get started on a new room, new project but I seem to have been hit by the winter lazies!
    Love your home xxx

  4. Its looking fabulous! Mustardtastic!

  5. Your retro-kitchen is lovely, Linda! It looks warm, lively, happy and the kind of kitchen where it’s appetizing to eat. And it’s not even completely done yet! I’m excited to see how this would turn out. Keep us posted! =) Arthur @


Thanks for all your comments : )