Thursday, 22 August 2013

Holiday, it would be so nice.........

We've been on our holidays in Croatia! After rectifying a shambles start (the minor detail of going to the wrong airport) we had the best holiday! Our friends Ray and Monta took care of business and house sat when we were away (Thank You!!) so at least this holiday wasn't spent worrying about Mary being alone.We stayed near Lapad beach about a 20 minute bus drive outside Dubrovnik. We spent our days sea swimming, sunbathing, cocktail drinking, air hockey playing, talking to the Croatian cats, ice cream eating, book reading....
We arrived home late last night and have spent today catching up, 10 days of blogs to read and two episodes of Breaking Bad to watch!

I have to announce the winner of my birthday blog! Thank you for the birthday wishes! 
The name I picked out of my hat is Op Shop Mama!

Hope you're all having a great week xx

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